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     I am a member of the MIT Rocket Team. We are currently building a student designed and manufactured rocket intended to reach an altitude of 30,000 feet. While it is my first year at MIT, I have been named lead of the recovery subteam and elected an outreach chair for the team.
   Since Fall 2023, I have learned to do the calculations necessary to design our parachutes and two different deployment mechanisms, and have learned to create CAD designs in SolidWorks based on these calculations. 

     Currently, I am working on manufacturing our parachutes and deployment mechanisms, as well as conducting testing. I have begun to learn these skills, and look forward to developing them further in the coming months.
     In addition, I have been elected as outreach chair for the team, and will be in charge of our educational programming for K-12 students. I will run events and hope to develop a mentorship program connecting MIT Rocket Team members with interested high school students. 

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